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We know the aviation industry
with unique regulatory requirements - we have the expertise to successfully delivery your project.

We’ve been in your shoes. Our staff has worked at OEM’s, MRO’s and Engineering at firms in all capacities. We understand what’s important; reliable, knowledgeable, trustworthy partner to manage and execute the project without being a burden on your staff, after all –you still have a business to run. We are committed to provide quality engineering solutions to enhance our customers success. Our approach combines engineering design, analysis, certification and program management to deliver a superior service.

We are the industry leader and produce the most reliable solution you are looking for.

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One Team for All Your Projects


It’s more than scheduling and delivery. Effective and efficient management of today’s complex and integrated programs requires both the refinement of interpersonal and basic leadership skills as well as the application of appropriate technologies and tools. 


Our team of engineers are experience in cabin design, electrical systems and structures. We use Autocad and Solidworks to create all the 2-D and 3-D drawings/models.


Our Plane Analytics team is comprised of FAA DER specialist with a extensive industry experience. 

We’ve successfully certified interior upgrades on most Boeing/Airbus aircraft which include seating (new and old), IFE/ISPS, monuments (galleys, lavs, closets, etc.), cabin electrical, and major structural mods.


Plane Analytics partners with DaVinci Aerospace to manufacture and kit part. Davinci is AS9100 Certified, supply chain, manufacturing and kitting services. 

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